Transportation company Trans-Star

Transportation company Trans-Star has a very wide range of services that include mainly international transport, railway transport and forwarding. The company’s headquarters is situated in Subcarpathian voivodeship, precisely in Ocieka. It is an experienced and verified by many customers company, that gains trust and operates in transportation industry for over 20 years.

documents-of-transportation-company-trans-starOn our website, in the tab "About the company", you will find a detailed description and history of Trans-Star company, and in the tab ‘Our Offer’ you get to know current and precise scope as well as description of our services. If, however, you have already decided that you want to cooperate with our company or you wish to have some further information or help with fulfilling your order we invite you to the tabs "Orders" or "Contract" , where our workers will try to answer your every question and doubts, and for example accept your order.

Our cars cover thousands of kilometers daily transporting i.a. liquid chemicals, dangerous goods ADR and all goods of any kind, that we safely and quickly deliver to their destinations. 

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